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Image of MOVEMENT MAG n°43

Le nouveau numéro du magazine MOVEMENT débarque en décembre. Un vrai événement! Commandez-le dès aujourd'hui car ça sent la rupture de stock.

Au sommaire de ce numéro:

Rejoice, because Movement Mag is back once again – and we’ve packed this issue tighter than Schapelle Corby’s bodyboard bag. Here’s what’s inside:

* Favela Forever – welcome to Rio de Janeiro, where drug lords rule the streets, kids are lured into gangs and – against all odds – some of the world’s best bodyboarders are born.

* A Frenchman Walks into a Bar – winning trophies, nailing world-class waves and placing bodyboarding firmly back into the spotlight with Pierre-Louis Costes.

* The Immortals – a vintage photo retrospective of veteran lensman, Brian Bielmann, with more detail and clarity than you’ve ever seen and commentary from Sasaki, Severson, Reeves and more.

* 100% Anthony Savoji – an eye-opening tale of love, vices and life behind bars from the Cali gatekeeper.

* Joana Schenker – the female Portuguese powerhouse making waves far beyond bodyboarding.

* PLUS life lessons with the people’s champion, Ryan Hardy, the secret life of Lewy Finnegan, getting high with Nick Gornall and friends in Hawaii, making noise with Shayden Shrayder, life-saving tips from the world’s greatest watermen, 38 pages of full-bleed surf porn and loads more.